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We deliver "big business" software solutions for small and medium enterprises at sensible prices. Make IT smart. Automate processes, engage people!

GIT offers a wide range of Information and Communication technology solutions that enhance the productivity of your operations. We engage functional experts with proven track record to assess your IT needs effectively, develop a solution package just-in time and provide prompt product support directly as well as via web.


Business Process Consulting & Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Process Consulting & Business Intelligence Solutions:

Since our design and delivery model is headed by functional experts, we help you choose and implement the best practices for each function of your business vertical - be it healthcare,logistics or retail. We map your business processes, define key performance indicators and setup business intelligence systems for you to generate business reports real time.

Enterprise Resource Planning:

We provide functional modules in finance, production, customer relations management, supply chain management and human resources that are fully compatible with your existing third-party software. Our enterprise solutions are highly affordable, adaptive, and user-friendly for small and medium enterprises that cannot afford long training periods or implementation period.
Web Services

Web Services:

We have expertise in web-enabling your business processes so that your processes are automated, optimized, and proved scalable. Our web services range from providing web interface to collect inputs from internal and external stakeholders via Intranet and Internet for various business reporting purposes. The web services also help you become 100% e-business and provide your services and customer support cost effectively and 24x7.
Mobile & Social Media Integration:

Mobile & Social Media Integration:

GIT provides end-to-end mobile and social media services that help you create myriad touch points for your customers, suppliers, partners, and publish content, source inputs for product/ service development, equipping you for the era of co-creation. We create corporate sites for mobile, provide search engine optimization, besides establishing your effective presence in major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Our mobile and social media services come with strategy, framework, measurable goals and results.

To be a leading player in providing information and communication technology solutions to small and medium enterprises.

Gem Information Technology (GIT) is founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs and professionals with interests in logistics, supply chain management, healthcare, and information technology. Our development team represents a unique blend of technical, creative and managerial team that can deliver end-to-end solutions - from business consulting to strategy to development of software and content.

We follow internal process management, knowledge management, and values -based human resource management practices, at the same time, creating an innovative corporate culture. Our products and services cater to the unique needs of our customers in small and medium enterprises, and independent profit units of large organisations who operate in niche industry verticals.

We have a robust development infrastructure at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The centre is equipped with latest hardware and cutting edge software, presentation, collaboration and training facilities. It offers a connected, plug and play environment for us to work online and collaborate with our customers.

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